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Journal title : English and Tourism Studies 
Abbreviation : ETS
ISSN : 2988-0548 (e)
DOI Prefix : 10.59535/ets
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Frequency : 2 issues/year (May, December)
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English and Tourism Studies (ETS) with E-ISSN 2988-0548 is a peer-reviewed journal aimed at fostering in-depth discussions and critiques of key issues related to English language studies and tourism. ETS seeks to promote high-impact and innovative research that is relevant to both academics and practitioners in the fields of English language studies and tourism. The journal encourages various approaches to studying the English language and tourism, bringing together researchers from various disciplinary backgrounds for interdisciplinary and post-disciplinary debates.

ETS welcomes original research articles, literature reviews, conceptual papers, and practical case studies that contribute to advancing knowledge in English language studies and tourism. The journal encourages submissions addressing emerging issues, proposing novel methodologies, and offering practical implications for the academic and professional communities.

By providing a platform for scholarly exchange and dissemination, ETS aims to contribute to the growth and development of English language studies and tourism, ultimately fostering a deeper understanding of their interconnectedness and impact on society.

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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2024): May
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